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Immediately after the 9/11 attacks, New Yorker Meredith Bergmann found herself sculpting an allegorical figure of New York City. September 11th—now being displayed at St. John the Divine Cathedral —depicts a female nude as an emblem of endurance, strength, and force. While sculpting, Bergmann was influenced by images ranging from St. Sebastian pierced by arrows to St. Francis receiving the stigmata because of “the way the two buildings were pierced and the way the city and the country experienced a dark epiphany.”
Her sculpture depicts a woman with her arms locked together in front and her hands raised as if to scream. Airplanes are piercing the back of her hands, and her expression is purposely ambiguous—it’s open to many interpretations. The sculptures base is mounted on a glass enclosed case containing debris from the original WTC. The life-size version of September 11th is part of a permanent display.

September 11th Sculpture

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